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Mei wants to submit but one master may not be enough. She needs to have as many sick sadists as we can find taking full advantage of her willingness to be used. Mei loves pain. She loves to suffer under whips and canes so that men can push the limits of her pain tolerance. Our members love to watch the girls we find cry out for mercy but Mei is the kind of pain babe who only begs for more.

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Announcing a casual Live show program beginning at 12 PM Thursday, 1.20.11. The lovely and generous Pi (aka 314) has agreed to an introduction of her submission.

412 is physically fit, but is one hell of a workout. The members want to watch her work out until her muscles burn. Every exercise has a sadistic twist. Adding in simple things love a bed of nails makes everything much more interesting. They want to cane her, to see her cry, and to force her to reach her physical peak. If she falls short then she will suffer for her failures.

Cherry Torn is an appropriate name. When she gets here for her action with RealTimeBondage our members and crew are going to tear her up. She is an experienced bondage girl so everyone knows that pushing her limits will never be a problem. Everyone on the crew wants to leave their mark on her, it mind just be a matter of how and where. That is for the members to decide, live on Dec. 18.

Trina Michaels is coming to RealTimeBondage to be the next masochist we make beg for mercy. The crew always likes ideas from the members. That is the best part about a live show. Anyone who is online can request whatever their perverted little heart desires and the results are streamed live andin Hi-Def to everyone who tunes in. A slutty exhibitionist love Trina loves that fact the most.

When was asked Bronte what she loved most about her time with us she began raving about how much she loved cumming and crying for everyone. Being dominated by so many people at once is intense and satisfying the perverts in the studio is hard enough. The ones behind their keyboards are more demanding and less forgiving. Not anyone would be up to it, but Bronte will never stop trying to satisfy.

Calico has had the opportunity to observe our live shows before, so when it finally came to her turn the stakes have to be higher than ever. Once we get her up to the farm a world of options becomes available. She starts out at the bottom of a mighty, dark dimple. She knows better than to ask for relief, but the membership decides she could use a bit of cold water. It is a tough start to a long day.

412 knows how live feeds work. As soon as the camera comes on everything becomes unpredictable. All of the members have such painful plans. She has been doing this since the days of Insex and no one does it better. 412 may be one of the most intense pain bitches out there, but can she stand up to the RTB membership? The entire day will be streamed live in HiDef on September 11. Don\’t miss a second.

Dating back to the days of Insex, our infamous live feeds are known for taking bitches and pushing them to their physical and mental limits. Tia Ling has decided she wants to undergo the hardest test of her will. Every member has their voice heard and their vote counted. Join now and on Aug. 14, at 3 P.M., watch all of the live show streamed LIVE and in HI DED while we see what this woman is made of.

S.A.M. stands for Smart Butt Masochist and that is totally Sister Dee. She keeps talking shit and the torments keep on rolling in. Talking back is fairly the kind of behavior that earns her some time with the spank that she does not enjoy at all. Her pussy gets the first round, while she can no longer stand, and then her breast get their own love. PD never skips a beat when it comes to new ideas.