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What does Pamela deserve for stealing jewelry from her employer if she’s young, powerful and has nice natural big tits? Of course some sexual torture! After her employer caught her in the bathroom trying to hide some expensive necklaces in her panties he bound her arms and legs to the bed and replaced the jewelry with clips and pins all over her pussy. But that was just the appetizer. Watch how Pamela screams in her humiliation helplessly as Mugur fucks her cunt hard!


Slave Trainers work in the basement to train sex girl Sasha Knox

Slave Trainers work in the basement to train sex slut Sasha Knox

PD evokes many emotions from babes under his control. Sybil is filled with fear and longing at the idea of the things PD will do to her. He is exacting and thorough in his work. While she labors to satisfy his sadism, he seems entirely insatiable. He inspects her body. The pain she mind suffer at his hands will be emotional as well as physical. Long before it is over she will be reduced to tears.

Maestro makes proper use of the lowest House slave’s ability to suck cock and suffer

Anal Monday and House slave Cherry Torn takes it in the butt for your pleasure. A new rule is introduced and Torn is tested on her ability to carry it out.

Look at this dirty woman Zyna Baby. She earns loads of cash for dominating men who seek this kind of adventure. She’s being taught a tutoring when she finds Antonio Ross in her house. Now she finds herself on the other side of the game being tied up with her hands and feet bound, helplessly agonizing when Ross fucks the shit out of her cunt while it’s dry. Maybe during the torture she will re-think her whole life again…


Judgment day for sex slave Holly Heart as she demonstrates anal skills and caning with a sense of dignity and humility in front of the household.

Catwoman has been a nasty whore. Frank doesn’t love how she’s been running around with other guys, so this time he’s really going to give her some punishment. Watch as he ties her up and makes her his slave, and reminds her that she might have been with others but he is the master of giving pain and amusement. Frank enjoys hearing her scream and knowing that he is her master.


Slave slut Seda is trained in the finer points of servitude in the basement of Armory.