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Its another afternoon on The Upper Floor and the house slaves are reminded of what they’re good for through strict disciplinary actions! Maestro goes straight for there fuck holes to make sure they are wet and available. Then a quick test of pain tolerance followed by vulva bumping and eating. Bella clap Torn’s breast while she keeps her mouth wet for Maestro. No one is relieved of duty while every drop of cum is drained and swallowed! Mr. Mogul stops by at the end to check on these two filthy sluts and inform Torn that she failed to become completely blond.

Aiden Starr comes to The Upper Floor to play with House Submissive! She starts with clothespins and ends up wrist deep to start. After she breaks out the single tail to test Bella’s endurance. Bumping and sucking cock follow with candle wax and butt plugs! Everyone is a total woman in this episode but we didn’t forget about Aiden’s perfect toes that get worshiped by Bella as she sucks Maestro’s cock! Finally the two dominants fuck each other until Bella fucks herself with her heels!

Welcome back for Thin Line Between Art and Sex 2! This a great kinky play live show with skilled rope bondage, caning, flogging, boot licking, machine fucking, cock sucking and vulva bumping! All being documented by artists and photographers as well as members of

Vivien Bianchy is a brand new girl in porn, she hasn’t done anything enjoy this before – not to mention BDSM as such. She comes to our casting office and gets something she never experienced so far. Vivien already debuted on and learned how to serve her female master and now she will experience everything over again with a male master and learn how to be a submissive sex slave and lets her master tie her, torment her, and fuck her young tight pussy as hard as it hasn’t been fucked before! To see what an obedient slave Vivien became, just click here and like!


Whip woman shows us how much she likes the whip at the hands of single tail expert Sir Nik. Once the trainers are satisfied with her performance, the trainee is rewarded with a stiff rubber dick and a vibe to her cunt. The second half of the day puts the bitches in a squat to alternately take the whip to her cunt and a cock to her mouth. She is then bent over to present that fine slave ass so we can fuck her hot cunt before dumping come all over her pretty freckled face. Well done slave whore.

There is always an appetite for fresh meat on the Upper Floor. Lolita came to The Upper Floor for her second shoot ever! This girl comes with no experience but sticks it out and focuses on being a model for the house. Cherry Torn gives her a mouth full of tit while Maestro flogs. Next she is rigged in a chest harness and hung from the ceiling with a vibrator jammed in her vagina. At this point nipple clamps are applied and orgasms are denied! If she cant hold her cum she gets 50 cane strokes! She doesn’t have much to say but between whipping, caning, fucking and sucking her moans say it all.

Frank Gun is always up to no good. He’s freshest idea of capturing women involves a sauna. He just sits there all day waiting for the right prey to come. If one shows up he mind just go to the other room and waits until the bitch fell asleep as he hacked the sauna’s system…This time he got a double decker capturing a blonde and a brunette whore this way and both of the woke up in Frank’s dugeon in shackles…


When was asked Bronte what she loved most about her time with us she began raving about how much she loved cumming and crying for everyone. Being dominated by so many people at once is intense and satisfying the perverts in the studio is hard enough. The ones behind their keyboards are more demanding and less forgiving. Not anyone would be up to it, but Bronte will never stop trying to satisfy.

Master A has a ton of toys available to him but today he has decided to give Sophie Ryan the most authentic farm experience he can. He has a bit of his latest harvest left over that he was just going to toss aside, but instead he decides to just stick it in the trash. Without a bin, this little babe mind have to do. Having corn and carrots shoved up her cunt is new for her but she likes it.

PD has Niki Nymph dressed up and looking pretty, but it is will not last. His interest in her is too carnal to let her keep up the facade. He needs to have her twisted into knots and crying for mercy if he is going to fuck her holes. She squirts love a fountain and he wants to take advantage of that. He even hangs her upside down and lets her shower in her own fluids.