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Antonio Ross’ high school class is notorious about its behaviour and after half a year he got fed up with the whole shit so as a big fan of Frank Gun and Dominated Sluts he asked us to help in punishing the misbehaving students. We were of course delighted by the job of terrorizing barely legal schoolgirls so we arranged a special class for them as quickly as we could! So proceed to see what the outcome was and how those teen girls got what the deserved!


The training of beautiful submissive women benefits from variety. As you are aware from watching these movies, kinky mindfucks and psychological domination need experimentation and fresh insights to stay heated and interesting. To these ends TTOO is experimenting with expanding its format to get more hot women in here to fuck with (and to fuck). Case in point: Testing Chloe.

The little bitch is getting lots of attention lately and we thought it was time to see what is under the hood. Chloe is interviewed and handed the Bucket of Pain, an innocuous tin pail. Harmless, really. But intent counts for so much, and this little tramp is soon reduced to tears without our hardly lifting a finger.

Any doubts about our commitment to the cause still lingering in Chloe’s pretty head vanish when she is mounted on a post with her vagina peeled open and her creamy white thighs made available to our talents. She is terrorized with the cattle prod, and eventually gets her slutty pussy stuffed, slapped and reamed, reducing her faculties to uncontrollable repeated orgasmic spasms.

Seven takes her pleasure smothering the would-be slave girl’s face with her fine round butt. The more voltage we send to Chloe’s twitching wet cunt, the further she shoves her slutty tongue up Seven’s asshole. Chloe is completely trashed by the end of her trials. We thought orgasms would be a good prize for the little girl, but I guess it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Sex slaves go to work for sadistic Masters and Mistresses

Medieval Dungeon Life Weekly Soap

We proudly present our new project: the Interrogatio – Hexenkerker! This is your cance to find out what happened to the witches in the dungeons, when the jailers and torturers were alone with them. There are not many historical traditions about this theme. But anybody of us probably could imagine, what might have happened to a pretty young chick, being chained and lying helpless in such a medieval dungeon: shehad to suffer the worst things, love hunger, torment, ashame, humiliation and any kind of degradation. The fate of such a slut was just horror.

Interrogatio Hexenkerker Weekly Soap

Interrogatio Medieval Torture of Witches

Fresh meat is in place to satisfy the House Master’s appetite for new, sexy, submissive servants. The staff’s job is to find fresh new play-things for the Master’s pleasure and for the entertainment of the household. But aside from these sordid motivations, each fresh meat girl represents a potential House slave, and could get a chance at becoming vested and placed under contract as a regular character on the Upper Floor website. This Fresh Meat Review pulls together the leading contenders to date and presents them to the Master and his Household for consideration as the next Upper Floor House slave.

Mugur is one of Frank’s guests of honor. One of the things Frank really wanted to try on Vivien was the powerful wax treatment, but he let Mugur do it because he is a great friend and is a bit of a pyro. Luckily they are in the basement because the screams get pretty loud and when Vivien gets tied and when she sees the flames getting close to her face she gets pretty nervous. Of course that is how Mugur loves them – he gets such a rush from seeing the anxiety build and he can’t wait to release it with a hard butt fornicate!


Pretty women suffer so nicely. Especially when they want it. My initial assessments of DiMarco pegged her as one more gorgeous porn bitch that is used to getting whatever she wants. After four days of grinding her will into the concrete floor of the basement, it is time to admit that I was wrong.

Dana Vixen is tested by the Upper Floor to see if she has what it takes to become an event service slave.

Tight bondage turns Niki Nymph on. She loves to be tied up whenever she is being fucked. It is about more than being just another slut. Everything about chain makes her feel lust. The feeling of it is soft and the scent of hemp is entirely unique. It brings back fantasies and memories from every scene she has done and every one she dreams of doing. This one will stay with her for a long time.

Next on the fresh meat menu we have Coffee Brown. This young chick is untrained and sensitive to Maestro’s every touch. We exploit her lascivious nature and teach her that her pain tolerance and like for cock are not mutually exclusive. This girl crawls, cleans, sucks, and begs her way through her first session only to steal an climax at the end. Needless to say, her day ends with a strict spanking and lots of apologies.