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Isis Like and Cherry Torn are on hand to help slave trainer James Mogul wrangle this little bitch into being a usable service slut for the Masters on the Upper Floor. This update includes plenty of corporal punishment and copious amounts of cunt service.

412 is physically fit, but is one hell of a workout. The members want to watch her work out until her muscles burn. Every exercise has a sadistic twist. Adding in simple things love a bed of nails makes everything much more interesting. They want to cane her, to see her cry, and to force her to reach her physical peak. If she falls short then she will suffer for her failures.

Cherry Torn is an appropriate name. When she gets here for her action with RealTimeBondage our members and crew are going to tear her up. She is an experienced bondage girl so everyone knows that pushing her limits will never be a problem. Everyone on the crew wants to leave their mark on her, it mind just be a matter of how and where. That is for the members to decide, live on Dec. 18.

Master of the House Mr. Peter Acworth
requests the pleasure of your company and participation
at a House Supper to spark esprit du corps among the Colleagues of the House.

Supper mind be followed by an initiation of candidate Jessie Cox into the ranks of theHouse as Sophomore Slave.

Friday, the twenty-seventh of August, two thousand and ten

Cocktails at seven o’clock, Supper at eight
Upper Floor members may attend at

Colleagues will dine in the newly constructed Upper FloorGrand Dining Room

Slave Petition
Those in attendance will hear the candidate’s appeals to enter into a 60 day term of House service
They will interrogate her motivations, humility and submission in a ritual of self assessment that answers the question,
“What is she good for?”

If the candidate passes this first test,
the Household will then take their due Satisfaction from the candidate in a rite of passage
Producing a newly tempered House Slave of the Sophomore rank

Charley Chase and Katie Kox are mighty and busty submissives in this great role play shot in the beautiful lavish UpperFloor! Charley plays the wife of a cruel master who breaks the rules of conduct in his mansion. She is humiliated by being sexually tormented in front of the servant who later participates. Both girls get tied up and beg for forgiveness as they are ruthlessly fucked and disciplined!

People say that blondes have more fun, but today it is the brunettes who are laughing and having the time of their lives! Gia DiMarco and Princess Donna team up to take down their blonde prey with electricity, bondage, predicament play, and two babe domination. This little blonde slut has no idea just how hard she will have to work to keep her brunette masters entertained!

Live show Mondays brings you part 3 of 4 from the October party that featured Gia DiMarco, with Maestro co-fucking.

We place Gia into a custom made straightjacket. She is bound up so compact and so tight that she has no hope of escaping this cloth device. However we don’t stop there, we then suspend her upside down. Then we put one of the most powerful bumping machines on the planet into her wet pussy.

Omega fucks orgasm after climax out of Gia’s helpless body. Gia must learn to multi task as Maestro face fucks her with his rock hard cock. We add a zipper to Gia sexy legs and soon the mutli-tasking gets down right impossible…

The horse is a useful device. Strapping Charlie down exposes her butt, feet and nipples. To top it off I put a head harness on to keep her head taut. I warm her ass up with some flogging ’til it’s nice and red, then kick it up a notch with swift strokes of the cane.

Now it’s time for a littlegame. How many strokes can she take before knocking over a bucket of ferocious black clips? Inevitably, the clips are strategically placed to minimize movement and chatter.

This jockey does such a good job enduring the stress of the position and the torment of the clips she undoubtedly cums for us when I shove a dick in her.

Sasha wrestles with her mind late into the night. She can’t sleep, can’t stop thinking about work, her lame boyfriend, her bills, her lack of adventure…Finally she resorts to the one thing that always satisfies – her toys.
Pulling out her treasured box of vibrators and dildos, Sasha clears her head and fantasizes about her favourite porn – FuckingMachines.

She slides the pink dick of The Chopper into her slippery vagina and rides it enjoy a horny biker while her first climax rolls all over her body. Sasha lets her erotically tits sway in doggie as The Guv drills her from behind in a rhythmic robot pattern that has her g-spot aching to cum. When the machine stroke length changes remotely and she is pushed over the top, Sasha cries out as she cums. She ends her night with The Mojo in missionary which sends her off to sleep enjoy a kitten.

Star has a pretty face and a pretty dress and that may be enough to some men, but for a babe love Claire Adams they are just invitations. It is not the kind of attention Star normally gets or even wants. She was expecting love and affection but Claire has more cruel intentions. The two of themare going to have a long night together and there is going to be a lot of electricity between them.