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Legendary porn stars Otto and Audrey return to The Upper Floor to demonstrate Audrey’s anal skills and submission for the entertainment of The House.

Weight-115 lbs.

Fears *Failure

*Uncomfortable with her own sexuality
*Has a hard time following protocol

*Enjoys abuse

*To learn more about BDSM
*To stop figiting and control her nerves

It didn’t take long to figure out that Evilyn was very uncomfortable with the situation she was in. There are some bitches who are cut out for this and there are others who are not. I’m willing to give any applicant the benefit of the doubt, but I have little patience for someone refuses to stick to protocol. I decided to give her one more chance to prove herself.

Join us on the upper floor for Peter Acworth’s Birthday Blowout!

Annual Hallow Action At The Armory!

Gia DiMarco is initiated into The Upper Floor by members of the house!

Tricia Oaks is too proud. She has a perfect body but you can tell she knows it. Cyd Black has a way to completely change her mindset. He does not waste a lot of time making elaborate knots because they do not serve his purpose. He wants to humble Tricia but being bound and ashamed is only part of that drill. The marks he leaves will be painful reminders of what he has taught her today.

Weight-123 lbs.

Fears *Princess Donna/electricity and darkness

*skin marks easily

*enjoys humiliation
*strong desire to serve

* to have a better understanding of BDSM

Upon my first contact with Lily, I noticed she was very eager to please. With some help from several other Tops I threw her to the lions, so to speak, to see what she was made of. She proved to have potential, so I gave her homework and dismissed her for the day.

Dinner party with guests of the house present to enjoy the whores on staff for entertainment and service!

Come join The Upper Floor for Topless Tapas 2, an erotic fine dining experience.

In James Moguls’ final shoot for TTOO he finishes Madeleine’s training in an epic fashion. Madeleine finds that the prior days were just a warm up for her toughest day yet. She is bound and made to balance on first a block of wood, and then to a steel pole, all while James and Mr. Hudson distracts her with torture.

She proves that after a grueling 4 day training process that she has what it takes to one day become a slave worthy of being owned.