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In the South of the Border series, you watched as beautiful American whores were forced into white slavery by the crooked Mexican justice system with the unscrupulous help of Yankee “advisors,” trading mighty flesh for cold hard cash supplied by evil millionaire terrorists with a taste for good old American vagina. In Part 6 watch as buxom blonde journalist Pamela Heart (Ashley Blake) starts asking all the wrong questions about the growing list of American bitches missing in Mexico City. She soon finds herself under arrest and in the cruel custody of the Joint Drug Task Force, the bogus bust facilitated by the large bag of narcotics they planted in her desk drawer. The 2 grinning agents leading Ms. Heart away in ropes will insure that her rights, and every hole of her heated little body mind be totally violated once she is back at the jail…

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Elise Grace is suspended from her stomach in a hogtie and she has a feeling that things are about to get fucked up. PD is enjoy a dog with a bone when it comes to her. He likes to play with her a bit, throw her around, and then set her aside for later. Before he discards her, though, he is going to sink his teeth in. He may not chew on her literally, but a few bites would be a kindness compared to what he has in will.

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Very rare and unique video. Beautiful Girls damages caused on the cross. Unique video of bondage. Delve into the world of bondage, which fascinates her beauty and attractiveness …

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Up and coming shipping clerk Cynthia wants two things most in life: to get a promotion from her sex freak boss and to get rid of Jasper, the clumsy new janitor who seems to barge in at all the wrong times.
Cynthia doesn’t love Jasper much. She thinks he is really creepy and being locked inside a lonely warehouse with him makes her skin crawl. If she knew the truth she’d really be scared, because Jasper is not really a janitor. In fact, he’s not even human.
Cynthia’s worst fears are nothing compared to the reality of what’s about to happen to her. She has been chosen as the bound and gagged receptacle for an alien probe by sadistic extraterrestrials bent on world conquest. The first wave of this invasion will land with one shot.

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Those twisted Zordanians are back! In Alien Probe, you watched as beautiful warehouse clerk Cynthia Crawley became the bound and gagged captive of Jasper, a demented extraterrestrial masquerading as a mild mannered janitor, ( except for the large green genetic fluid spewing tentacle protruding from his abdomen ) bent on a biological invasion of earth using pretty Cynthia’s body as an incubator. But these aliens aren’t as smart as they think; because their initial attempts at inseminating Cynthia are unsuccessful (they don’t know about the pill).
Now in part two, Jasper decides he needs some help from Zordan, his home planet. So he summons Tardac, his evil leader, to assist him, providing for Tardac’s inhabitance the freshly slain body of an unlucky bum who had taken up residence near the warehouse where Jasper has set up shop. Together, they lure pretty Elaine, a pretty blonde working chick, into their shop of horrors, where she will become the next tightly bound captive to be probed, prodded and stimulated to prepare her for insemination.

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Tight bondage is what makes Sybil Hawthorne powerful. She loves the feeling of chain against her skin. It is rough, sure, but somehow still soft. It digs into her skin and leaves lines where it has been, none-too-subtle reminders of everything she has been through. Every mark tells a story and she canclose her eyes, touch the marks and feel everything happening all over again.

Video + full photoset

Release: 2005

She’s sexy, flirting like a bitch in heat. This footage is packed. It’s rock solid. cybil is the fetish blond – with poise, attitude, and chutzpah. What a set of knockers. What great cunt. And what a tasty meaty model cybil proves to be. As the minutes pass, cybil goes from supreme sexual confidence to absolute surrender. cybil and Fetish discover one another. It’s a struggle made in heaven.

The chair never looked so good as when cybil was tied to it. She wears a business suit and patent leather heels. Cloth is stuffed and taped into her mouth. Her breasts are bound. She squirms, still playing the sex card. cybil is soon naked. Luminous skin. Erect clit. A knife investigates her nipples and vagina. Her eyes are bound, pulling her head backward. Now the knife is drawn over her throat. A rope in her crotch teases her pussy up. Plastic bag over her head. It is soon plastered against her face. She struggles for air. A heavy weight hanging from her crotch rope swings back and forth enjoy a pendulum. Her breasts are whipped. The pendulum traces a perfect arc.

Balanced on a small platform in toe boots, posture collar and head harness, her head is swathed in vet wrap. Thighs and breasts beaten with a cane. Cunt clamped together in one big, wet fleshy bite. Tied outward to the heels of the toe boots.

Suspended in a hogtie. Mr. Pogo fucks her mouth. Breasts caned. Clamps drag her nipples downward, weighted. A hook in her vagina is locked to a ball and rope, dragging on the floor. Her breasts and ass are caned. Mr. Pogo in her pussy and a string of drool dripping from her mouth.

Still in a hogtie. Asshook tied to her neck, then back to toes. A cane smacks her feet, ass, and toes.

Legs stumped. Nose hook. Her breasts are tied off and poked. She’s strapped to a Y frame. cybil/stumpy is turned upside down. Her tits and pussy are caned. A wooden “pear” is screwed inside her vagina. She’s tormented with water. Then Mr. Pogo is lit on fire! cybil is fucked. Then more caning. Tits, cunt, tits, pussy. You get the sense it goes on and on – that it’s forever. And that cybil is still bound, hanging in midair.

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Earlier Ashley Graham made a terrible mistake and she is still suffering for it. She called out for god and now he is giving it to her. He decided to find a bible and put the fear of god back into her. She is going to receive some interesting instruction now and hopefully in the end she will have learned something. If she is lucky she will not have to memorize it all before he is through.

Produced in: 1997
Country: USA
Genre: BDSM (spanking, cane)
Duration: 01:03:00
Studio: California Star Productions

Mr. Brown’s new whore is quickly introduced to his penalty point system when her various misdemeanors are exposed. Her large cheeky bottom is ripe for a good paddling from Mr. Brown, and although he makes good use of his time with her, his enjoyment is short-lived. Relishing the chance to place his own marks on her lovely expanse of posterier, Mr. Brown’s friend, Bill, comes in and takes over.Stephanie is a very attractive girl, confident in her beauty. When she finds out her flat-mate has stolen an important, well-paying job, she confronts her. It appears sexual favors had been extended to the casting director. This Infuriates Stephanie, because she too had allowed him to cane her bottom several days before. She decides the only thing to do is to give the woman the same punishment that she has received. Except she includes a sound thrashing with the cane.

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(Release Date: 29.06.2011)

Produced in: 2011
Genre: BDSM, Anal, DP, DAP, Gang Bang, Domination, Hardcore
Duration: 01:04:44
Studio: BoundGangBangs / Kink

Sandra Romain

Sandra Romain has been out of the business for nearly three years, but today she returns to live out her fantasy of being brutally gang banged and fucked into submission. Held in human bondage she is made to suck cock and take dick in every hole. Then she is tied up tightly and takes two dicks in her ass and her pussy. Double anal, double vag, dp, bondage, and more await you inside!

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Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 128kbps

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