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A adorable teacher at a school for wayward adults ends up the bound and gagged plaything of her sadistic student!

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If you’ve been following Cherry’s ordeal over at, you’re probably asking yourself just how much worse can it possibly get for poor little Cherry?…She’s surely pondering that question herself…After she’d been pumped for information, the motley crew didn’t have much use for her, a fine, blonde girl such as this must certainly be worth a small fortune though shouldn’t she? And the crew could definitely use a little pocket change…Cherry finds herself crudely detained before she is placed on the underground auction block. The posh, Brit seedy-socialite that has his keen eye on Cherry, surely mind not be denied on this night. And he bids to win…Cherry stands nervously at attention as her new Master inspects his reward. He is satisfied and issues the command..

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Live you Dreams…A magical bizarre experience of unusual sexual imaginations. It’s an ode to all thins fetish featuring spitting, bondage, trampling, tit torture, ball torture, and mummification. Eerie music plays in the background of this dark fantasy film setting the mood for a showcase of twisted delights.

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Disciplinarian includes some of the most intense corporal torture ever filmed with real snippets of psychodrama adding a special realization to the punishment sessions that only a Disciplinarian of his caliber could.

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This torment of Mercedes is not for the faint hearted!Legs wide apart the beautiful girl is now lifted upside down in the air for 80 strokes with the thick long bullwhip….and than the CANE.The punisher does his very best to give the long leg girl the maximum pain. His strokes lash the lucious body everywhere.
This film is even more fascinating since Mercedes tries to defend herself.

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BandD Pleasure is taking you back in time to our earliest video library, where bondage legends were just learning their kinky craft, these are the videos that built the foundation of fetish entertainment. In one of Kym Wilde`s very first videos she submits to being tied and gagged, has clothes pins places on her naked breasts, soon the clothes pins are switched for nipple clips with magnets on the ends of them and she must crawl on the floor with her arms bound in a leather sleeve to pick up metal weights. As you can see even in the beginning she was a natural at this.

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House slave 5 is chosen to show trainee o how it is done on The Upper Floor. After going through all the slave positions, 5 is put into a difficult partial tit suspension and whipped mercilessly. When her exemplary torture is done, 5 is rewarded with some enthusiastic pussy worship from o.

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Sasha is a pretty young thing that looks love the chick next door, but that little fa�ade does not fool PD. He knows what goes on behind those doe eyes. She wants to be the kind of nasty woman that he likes to take advantage of. She wants to have her holes filled and her barriers broken down. He has a slave kept aside for just such an occasion. Hazel Hypnotic is going to help him violate this girl every way he can think of.

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For those of you who missed Maitresse Madeline’s and Goddess Aiden Starr’s LIVE and PUBLIC birthday bash you will wait no more! This is the third LIVE and PUBLIC femdom live feed Madeline has hosted and by far the best! This version is edited straight to all the best footage of the wild and maniac night! 40 sluts join Maitresse Madeline, Goddess Aiden Starr, Mistress Lorelei Lee and Mistress Gia Dimarco along with 3 muscle bound slaveboys for a night of total femdom debachery. All of the bitches participate with whipping, spanking, abuse, CBT, foot worship, butt worship and a strap-on anal gang-bang with 40 women! At the end of the night the birthday sluts and their best friends use their delectation slave.

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Erotically Josephine has to take a severe punishement bound to a wagon wheel.Totally nude and fully exposed her most sensitive parts will be STRIKERS traget. Watch her nipples growing under the strong lashes. See her vulva swollen from the hitting dogwhip between her legs. Josephine cries for mercy without a chance. The burning lashes even get harder. If you love watching young ladies being beaten onto their most sensitive body areas this session is for you.

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