Date: 28 October 2011

First victim. Serena Blair is strapped onto a table. Her sensitive milky flesh is covered with clothes pins. Her ass is stuffed with a cock and she is finger fucked, made to cum. She is frog tied onto a fornicate stand. Her arms are hoisted above pulling her tight. This unsuspecting babe takes the cane and flip nine spank for her orgasm. Second victim. Rylie Richman is mounted with her vagina dangling for attention. She is worked over heavilyon her wet cunt and perky breast. She is made to gush and squirt all over the place when she is fucked and vibed nonstop. Suspended upside down, little Rylie is caned hard with her nipples tied off to keep her in place. Using a specialized vibrator, her g-spot is constantly stimulated making squirt run down her body and all over her face.

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